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List of Top Engineering  Colleges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Best Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Engineering Education in India

            Engineering is one of the most preferred courses in India. The opportunities for Engineers, which are available, attract many students to opt for this course. Despite the fact that, there is a healthy growth of engineering students in India, some institutions have started to mushroom here and there to use this opportunity to make money. Now due to this many industries criticize that there are not enough qualified Engineering Students. So measures are implemented to get rid of this problem. Now the government is issuing orders to promote only qualified and certified Engineering Colleges in India. Engineering courses vary widely.

              The central government will conduct engineering entrance exams nation wide every year to select the best candidates from various sectors of the country. The IIT JEE entrance exam is conducted to admit students in the various ITT colleges situated across India. There is always a tough competition among the students to get an admission for B.E, B.Tech and M.Tech degrees. Out of lahks of students, only few thousands of students get this opportunity to study in this prestigious Indian Institution. This will be only 2-3% of students who apply. The growth rate of engineering students seems to increase every year and this is a healthy mark. There are many universities in India, which offers admissions to foreign students who come to India to pursue their Education.  In fact, Indian Education is not as costly as those offered by many other foreign Universities are. Therefore, the technical competition that India is offering is on a high note.

            Every year around two and a half lakh undergraduate engineers pass out. This state has also created unemployment in India. Still, due to the technical competition it offers, global companies are looking onto India to outsource jobs. There are more IT engineers emerging than other disciplines. The number of campus placements in various institutions in India is increasing every year to recruit qualified engineers and due to this, the craze for engineering course increases. Currently, all the Indian engineering colleges are improving drastically to give quality education and to get the national accreditation, which is a healthy development.

Top Engineering Colleges in Ahmedabad

Central Inst Of Plastic Engineering & Technology
Ahmedabad Gujarat

Centre for Environment Planning & Technology
Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus, University Road,
Tel: 079-6302470

L. D. College of Engineering
Gujarat University Road, Ahmedabad,
Tel: 079-6561752

Nirma Institute of Technology
Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway,
Chharodi, Post - Chandlodia, Ahmedabad


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