Education in India

Education in India has gone through many phases during the course of six decades, after independence from the British rule. The crux of Indian education system is the initiative taken by the government to end child labor and make sure that every child goes through the minimal education standard.

The education in India had also seen disabled people given special preference and care. Each of the disabled child is provided with a three wheel disabled cycle, so that they are able to attend schools without any hassle. Initiatives by the government had also given special impetus to provide education to a girl child.

The education in India is divided into three levels, the first is where a child is enrolled in schools to get educated, and the process of education in schools is termed as primary education.

Government had taken special initiatives to monitor the progress of primary education in India. It has provided mid meals in every government run schools across India, till class eight. The government schools run the dream of educating every child in India, to let them inculcate knowledge and skills to improve their quality of life.

Though, private schools do not conform to the rules set by the Government schools, still they play a very important part in promoting the cause of primary education in India. Many students prepare ahead for Study Abroad, in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia. Many foreign universities also offer Scholarships to meritorious students.

The second phase of education is the prelude to a higher education. A higher education is the final phase of education in India, which has grown ten fold over the last 2 decades. A student can now pursue professional courses in various fields, such as, hotel management, various fields of engineering, medical and so forth. The list is endless.

The education system in India is said to be the reason for India’s fabulous economic success story.


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