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Study in USA


USA is one of the biggest student magnets when it comes to higher education. The variety of courses it has in its platter readily attracts students from all across the world to the nation. Also the fact that some of the most successful and prominent leaders in the world have experienced the American education takes you to USA.


Foreign students as well as native students can enroll in any undergraduate school in America if they have twelve years of schooling to their credit (which includes the primary school and the secondary school). The Undergraduate schools offer two types of degrees: a two-year ASSOCIATE degree or a four-year BACHELORS degree. Again students who have the bachelorís degree can go in for either their Masterís degree or a PhD in a specific field.


The fact cannot be denied that living in USA can be very expensive but still there are a number of decent options open. The on-campus accommodation provides the students with a lot more than just the basic requirements such as food and id one of the most viable options for students with cost-constraints. Other options can be to arrange a home stay wherein a student stays with a local American family by paying a certain amount, private dormitories, rent accommodation, etc. 


Research shows that the estimated expenses in USA, per academic year can turn out to be around 14,900$ to 60,000$ which includes everything from University tuition fee to traveling to health insurance. Finance, thus, is one of the most important aspects when you consider studying in USA. Also there are a lot of Scholarships given out these days to assist you such as the CSU Voyager Scholarship by Cleveland State University Ohio, etc. Apart from scholarships you may even get a study loan for educational assistance.


Every citizen of every country is eligible for a USA student Visa. An F-1 Student Visa is thereby required. First and foremost, you must contact the school you wish to join because it is only after the school accepts you and issues you an I-20 form can you apply for the F-1 Visa. The rest of the procedure will be carried out at the US embassy.


Some of the best universities in USA which are known all over the world for their excellence include Stanford University, MIT, Princeton University, Yale University, etc.



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