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Following are the institutes offers full-time MBA courses in Britain:

Full time MBA in Britain

University of Abertay Dundee, Dudhope castle, barrack road Dundee
DD3 6HF (tel:0044 1382 3220260fax 0044 1382322290)
email: m.e.pretious@abertay-dundee.ac.uk)
Duration: 1 year commencement: September
Qualification Graduate minimum 2 year experience preferred. seats 35. age 25 years.

University of Wales,
aberystwyth school of management & business
cedwyn building aberystwyth SY23 3DD (tel 1970622523 fax 1970 622524
email samwww@aber.ac.uk)
Duration: 1 year, commencement: September,
Qualification: good first degree and equivalent, work experiance required Saets:50,age 28 years
University of central lancashire,
perston PR1 2HE (tel:1772894710, fax 1772892912, email mandev@uclan.ac.uk)
duration: 1 year, Commencement: september, Qualification: graduate age:27 years, seats 30

Aston university Aston business school, Birmingham B4 7ET (tel:(121)3335940 fax (121)3334731,emai
abspg @aston .ac.uk)
Duration: 1 year, commencement October Qualification: good degree or equivalent and minimum 3 years work experience  GMAT seats 60

Anglia Polytechnic University,
angila business school ,east road
cambridge CB1 1PT (tel:(1223)36271 ext. 2428 fax: (1202)298321 email bspgpt@bouremouth.ac.uk)
duration: 1 year  commencement: September, January Qualification graduate minimum 2 years week experience IELTS(6.5)

University of Kent at Canterbury, Canterbury business school, canterbury, kent CT2 TPE (tel 1227764000 fax 1227761187
email cbs_admission@uks.ac.uk) duration: 1 year commencement september, Qualification: graduate and minimum 2 years work exepereince GMAT optional. TOFEL(600) or IELTS(6.5) seats 60

Cardiff University: Cardiff business school, international office, park placee, cardiffc cf 13 XA,(tel:1222874432,fax:1222874457 email internat@cardiff.ac.uk) duration: 1 year. commencement: September
qualification: a good first degree or equivalent.ILTS(6.5)or TOFEL(570) seat 300

Cheltenham & Gloucester college of higher education , po box 220,
park campus, Cheltenham GL50 2Qf (tell: 1242 543225, fax 1242 544032 email dkendry@chelt.ac.uk)
duration 1 year commencement: October, Qualification graduate minimum 3 year work experience age 27 years,seats 20

City University Business School Northampton square London EC IV OHB (tel20747 8608 fax 207 4778893 email cubspostgrad@city.ac.uk)
duration:1 year, commencement: September, Qualification: 1st class bachelor's degree.IELTS or TOFEL seats:-50-60

Canfield University, canfield school of management, canfield Bedford mk 43 OAI (tel1234751122 fax:1234 752439)
email p.hayes@cranfield.ac.uk)
Duration:1 year, commencement: September. Qualification: good degree or equivalent plus 3 year experience. GMAT. IELTS. age 31 seats 200

Derbyshire Business School University of derby, kedleston road derby DE 22IGB. duration 1 year commencement: September
Qualification: honours degree or equivalent professional qualification:2 years work experience. age 23

De Montfort University, postgraduate business school, bede island, leicester LE1 9BH (tel 1162506330/6254 fax 1162506329 email stadm@dmu.ac.uk duration 1 year. commencement September
qualification: good first degree/ equivalent; 3 yeras work experience preferred IELTS age 23 years seata 50.

Durham university business school, mill lane durham city DHI 3LB (tel 191 374 2233 fax 191 374 1230)Duration:1 year
commencement: september, Qualification Degree or equivalent. GMAT required seats 50

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh management school, 7bristo square, edinburgh EH8 9AL  (tel 131 650 8066 fax 131650 8077 email r.kerley @ed.ac.uk) duration: good degree or equivalent professional qualification ,2 years work expereince TOFEL(580)IELTS (6.5) GMAT prefeared. seats 100 age 25 years.

Glasgow University, business school, business school university of glasgow 53-59, south park avenue,glasgow G12 8LF (tel 041 3398855 EXtn 5038 fax 041 330 5669)
duration 1 year commencenment october Qualification good degree or equivalent professional qualification plus work exeperience GMAT(600) seats 40

Glasgow Caledonian University , faculty of business, cowcaddens road Glasgow G4 OBA (tel 141 3313411 fax 141 3313296 email jmccallum@gcal.ac.uk) duration 1 year commencement September Qualification 1st class bachelor's degree and minimum 2 year work experience.age 29 year seats 25

University of Glasgow, 1 the square glasgow G12 8QQ scotland (tel 141 3303747 fax 141330 4413 email pgadmissions@mis.gla.ac.uk )
duration 1 year commencement September , qualification 1st class bachelor degree and 2 year minimum work experience. MAT required. IELTS (6.0) or TOFEL(550)age 25 years.

Henley management college , Henley management college, greenlands, henley -on -Thames, oxford shire RG9 3AU (tel:0491 571454 fax 0491410184) Duration 1 year commencement October qualification bachelors or equivalent degree 3-5 years work experience ,2 references, minimum of 2 yrs work experience GMAT (550) for non-UK degree holders seats 50.

Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh business school, riccarton Edinburgh EH144 AS . (tel 00441314513707 fax 00441314513630)duration 1 year commencement September
qualification good degree or equivalent professional qualification. at least 2 years work experience. MAT 550. seats 25.

Imperial College
, London (federal), imperial college management school, 53 prince's gate, exhibition road, London SW7 2 PG duration 1 year commencement October, qualification 1st class bachelor's degree and minimum 3 years work experience. age 29 years.
keele university, school of management, keele, Staffordshire ST5 5BG duration 1 year commencement September Qualification graduate and minimum 3 years work experience
age 28years.
Lancaster University, Lancaster university business school, Lancaster LA1 4YX duration; 1year, commencement; September, Qualification bachelor's degree and minimum 3 years works exep. GMAT required. IELTS(7.0) or TOFEL(600)seats 70

Leeds Metropoliton University, leeds business school, Maurice keyworth building, university of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT<U.K.
(tel oo44-113-343-2610/2613 fax 0044-113-343-4355 eamil mba@lubs.leeds.ac.uk). duration 1 year commencement September  qualification 1st class bachelor's degree and minimum 3 years fulltime work experience. age 25 years (for boys), 24 years (for girl).

Leicester business school, borworth house, de montfort university, the gateway, leicester LEI 93H (tel:0533577204/577243 eax 0533517548) commencement: october, GMAAT for overseas students,

London business school, sussex place, outer circle, regents park, London nw 4SA (tel 1712625050 fax 1712747875 email mbainfo@ibs.ac.uk) duration 21 month, commencement: September
qualification: 1st class degree plus 5 years work experience.GMAT(640-690).IELTS(7.0) or TOFEL(30) age 29 years seats 240.

University of Manchester, Manchester business school, booth street west Manchester M15 6PB (tel:161 275 6530 fax 161 2756300)
duration 18 months, commencement september Qualification good degree or equivalent professional qualification ;minimum 3 years work experience.GMAT 600+IELTS (7.0)tofel(600) required
seats 130-140 age 28 years.

Middlesex University
, Middlesex university business school, the borroughs, hendon,london NW4 4BT (tel 2083625090 fax 2083626069 email headmission@mdx.ac.uk) doration 1 year, commencement october
Qualification graduate and minimum 3 years works experience.GMAT (500+)GMAT.IELTS (6.5) or TOfEL(575)age 28 years seats 45

University College Northampton Boughton green road, northampton NN2 7AL (tel 1604735500 fax 1604721214 email david.shuttleworth@northampton.ac.uk)duration 13 months commencement october
Qualification: graduate and minimum 1 year work experience IELTS or TOFEL

Nene College faculty of management & business, nene college,boughten green road,northampton NN2 7AL duration 1 years commencement october Qualifications university degree 2 references fluent in english & average work exper. 3 years

Oxford Brookes University, Whitely campus, wheatley, oxfords, OX3 3 1HX (tel 1865 485920 fax 1865 485905 email mbabus@brookers.ac.ua)duration 1 year commencement september qualification degree and 2-3 years work experience .GMAT. TOFEL
age 25 years

Richmond College, richmond college international management centre, 16 young st. kensington, london W 8 5EH (tel 07193818041761 fax 0719383037) duration 3 semester, commencement september Qualification a good degree or professional qualification  2 references .GMAT

Richmond: the American International University in London ,Queens road, Richmond, surrey TW10 6JP (tel 1813329000 fax 1813321596 email enroll@richmond.ac.uk)duration 1 year, commencement September, qualification graduate and minimum 2 years work experience GMAT.IELTS or TOFEL

Robert Gordon University, Abrdeen business school, postgraduate course office garthdee road, aberdeen AB15 7QE(tel 1224 263843 fax 1224 263838 email d.butler@rgu.ac.uk) duration 1year
commencement September, qualification graduate and minimum 3years work experience.GMAT required IELTS (5.5) or TOFEL (550) seat 30

School of Finance & Management, 457/463 caledonian road, london N7 9BA (tel:207 7006438 fax 2077006425 emai sfmadmin@schfinance.ac.u) duration 1 yearcommencement september, qualification graduate and minimum 2to3 years work experience.GMAT(550) IELTS(6.0) or TOFEL(5.50) seats 50

Sheffield Hallam University, The postgraduate programmes office the stoddart building, sheffield business school,city campus, howard street, sheffield S1 1WB (tel 1142252820 fax 1142255268 email sbsgdinfo@shu.ac.uk) duration 1 year
commencement september Qualification graduate aaand minimum 2 years work exep. age 27 years GMAT required IELTS (6.0) or TOFEL(550) seats 50

University of Sheffield, The management school,western bank, sheffied s1 1ph (tel 0114 222378 fax 0114 2223348 email s.heves@sheffield.ac.uk)
duration 1 year commencement sptember, Qualification 1st class of bachelir's degree and minimum 2 yars work experience.GMAT (550).IELTS(6.0) or TOFEL(550), seats40-50 age 28 years
Sendwell college, sendwell college management centre, wood green road, wednesburg, west midlands WS 10 9QN (tel (0121) 5566000 fax (0121) 5051479. commencements September.
South Bank Business School, 103 borough road, london SE1 OAA (tel (171) 8158245 fax (7)815 8280) doration 1 year commencement september, qualificaton graduate and minimum 2 year commencement september Qualification graduate and minimum 2 yars work experience,age 30 years seats 25

Southampton Institute, east park terrace Southampton SO14 ORB (tel 2380319809,fax 2380319412 email June. Fletcher @solent.ac.uk)duration 1 years commencement October Qualification graduate and minimum 2 years work experience.IELTS(6.5) or TOFEL(580)seats 25
University of Southampton, Department of management, Southampton SO 17 1BJ (tel 1703 592562 fax 1703593844 email mgtmail@soton.ac.ua) for recent graduates: duration 1 year commencement september Qualification Graduate GMAT optional, IELTS (6.5) or TOFEL (600) age 27 years seats 40

Staffordshire University, Staffordshire university business school, leek road, stoke-on-trent ST4 2DF (tel (1782) 294049 fax(1782)747006 email bsajlw@staff.ac.uk)duration 1 year commencement september Qualification degree or equivalent and work experience required
IELTS(6.5) or TOFEL (550)approx.seats 6o age 23 years 8608.

Strathclyde University, Strathclyde graduate business school, trathclyde university, 130 rettenrow, Glasgow G1 (tel: o41 5536000 fax 041 552 2501) duration 1 year commencement september Qualification hons degree plus 3 years work experience or ordinary degree plus 5 years exper. GMAT required seats 120

Swansea Institute of He, university of wales , associated college, mount pleasnt , swansea SA1 6ED (tel 072 469004, fax 0792475037) duration 1 year commencement september Qualification honours degree or equivalent qualification seats 20-25

University of Bath: school of management, university of bath, Calverton down, bath BA2 7AY (tel 1225 826741 fax 1225 323902 emai mnsbc@management.bath.ac.uk) duration 1 year commencement September, qualification 1st & 2nd class of bachelor's degree and minimum 3 years work experience, seat 80,age 31 years

University of Birmingham, birmingham business school priorsfield, 46 edgbaston park road, birmingham b15 2RT (tel 121414t6693 fax 1214143553 email mba@bham.ac.uk) duration 1 year commencement September, qualification relevant degree or equivalent, minimum 3to5 years experience. seats 75

University of Bradford Management centre, management centre, emm lane, bordford, BD9 4JL (tel 1274,234372/3/4 fax 1274 22311 email mba@bradford.ac.uk) duration 1 year commencement september Qualification 1st class degree and minimum 3 years work exepr. GMAT score (550) seats 50

University of Brighton brighton business school, mithras house, lewes road brighton BN2 4AT (tel 1273 642196 fax 1273 642980 email b.l. scherer@brighton.ac.uk) duration 1 year 16 months , commencement september Qualification 1st class degree and 2 to 3 years work experience age 23 years seats 300

university of Bristol school for advanced urban studies, university of bristol, rodney lodge, grange road, bristol BS8 4EA (tel 0272 741117 fax 0272 737308) duration 13-15 months Qualification university or equivalent degree knowledge of english.GMAT.seats 25

Brunel University, brunel graduate business school uxbridge middlesex UB8 3PH (tel 1895203064 fax 1895203075 email pauline.seston@brunel.ac.uk) duration 1 year commencement september Qualification degree and minimum 2 years work experience , GMAT required if first degree does not meet criteria.IELTS(6.5) or
TOFEL(600)age 25 seats 25

University of Buckingham department or business studies, the university of buckingham, buckingham MK18 1EG (tel 1280820143 fax 1280820151) duration 1 year, commencement july.

Cambridge: judge institute of management, trumpington road, cambridge CB@ 1AG (tel 01223 337051/2.3 fax 1223339581 email mba-enquiries@jims.cam.ac.uk) duration 1 year commencement october, Qualification 1st class bachelor's degree and minimum 2 year work experience GMAT required. IELTS(7.0) or TOFEL(600) seats 80

University of central England in Birmingham, perry barr, birmingham B42 2SU (tel 121 3315539 fax 121 331636 emailharinder.bahra@uce.ac.uk)duration 1 years commencement september Qualification graduates with 2 years work experience. min. age 26 years GMAT 500(optional)

University of Dundee, MBA office, dundee DD1 4HN (tel 1382344737/795/980 fax 1382228890 email s.i. fitzpartic@dundee.ac.uk),duration 1 year, commencement october Qualification good degree and 3 years work experience age 31 years, seat 40

University of East London, East London business school, duncan house,high street london E15 4JB (tel 1813493454 fax 1815344168 email t.f.honour@uel.ac.uk) durration 1 year commcenment September & February Qualification graduate and minimum two years experience. age 27

University of Exeter, international office, northcote house Exeter, Devon EX4 4QZ ( tel 1392263040 fax 1392 263039 eamilintoff@exeter.ac.uk)duration 1 year, commcenment october, Qualification: 2nd class bachelor degree and minimum 3 years work experience.GMAT (550) IELTS(6.5) or TOFEL(570)seats 44,age24 years

University of Glamorgan, pontypridd, south, Wales CF 37 1DL (tel1443483209 fax 1443482380 email rmhall@glamorgan.ac.uk)duration 1 year commencement: september qualification: 1st class bachelor's degree and work exeperience required IELTS(6.0) or TOFEL(580) age 25 years seats 50

University of Greenwhich school of business and management, riverside house,beresford street, woolwhich,london SE18 6BU (tel 1813317700 fax 1813319005 email r.j.mayor@gre.ac.uk) duration 1 years commencement september Qualification raduate and minimum 2 years work experience age 27 seats 30

University of Huddersfield, huddersfield university business school department of managenent, Queensgate,huddersfield HD1 3HD (tel 1484472026 fax 1484472753 emailjacook@hudds.ac.uk duration 14 monts, commeencement september Qualification university degree; minimum work experience 2 years, tofel(550) orIELts (6.0) seats 30 age 26 years
University of Hertfordshire business school, heartford campus, mangrove road, hertford, herts SG13 8QF Duration 1reaf, commencement September/October experience min. age 25 years seats 25.

The University of Hull, hull university business school ,cottingham road, HU5 2EG (tel 1482466642 fax 1482 466652 email ra.salter@socsi.hull.ac.uk) Duration 1 year commencement september & april.qualification degree and 1 year work experience, seats 45,30,15 for general mgmt, financial mgmt. & international mgmt respectively. IELTS(6.0) or TOFEL(550) age. 26 years.

University of Humberside, cottingham road, hull HU6 7RT (tel 0482440550) duration 1 year qualification hons. degree or equvalent, appropriate experience,minimum age 23 years.

University of Keele, staffordshire ST5 5BG (tel 1782 583425 fax 1782 584272 email mna 01@keele.ac.uk)duration 1 year commencement september end, Qualification good first degree and 2 years work experience, seats 40 age 28 years

University of Kent refer Canterbury, business school

University of Leicester, university road, Leicester LE1 7RH (tel 1162523991 fax 1162523949 email LUMS@lc.ac.uk) duration 1 year, commencement September, Qualification 1st or 2nd class of bachelor's degree and minimum 2 years work experience. TOFEL(600) or IELTS(6.5)seats 70 age 28 years.

University of Lincolnshire & humberside, management masters programme head, department, brayford pool, lincoln LN6 7TS (tel 522886177 fax 1522886032 email deneville@lincoin.ac.uk) duration i year commencement October

University of Liverpool, Liverpool institute of public administration & management, 2 abercromby square, liverpool L69 3BX (tel 151794 2911 fax

University of Luton, international office. park square, luton, Bedfordshire LU1 3JU (tel;1582 743945 fax 1582 48268 email gillian.butt@luton.ac.uk) duration: 1 year, commencement: september, Qualification: graduate and minimum 2 years work experience.IELTS(6.0) or TOFEL(580). seats 100.
Liverpool john moores university, internation office, 4 rodney street, liverpool L1 2TZ (tel 151 2313522 fax 1517070199 email international@livjm.ac.uk) duration 1 year commenment september & january qualification bachelor's degree and minimum 2 year works experince. seats 20.

University of Newcastle-upon-tyne, school of business management postgraduate office, armstrong building, newcastle-upon-tyne NE1 7RU (tel 191 222 4740 fax 191 222 8131). duration: 1 years, commencement oct/sept. qualification first degree and minimum 3 years experience. GMAT (500) TOFeL or IELTS (6.5) seats 30.

University of North London, the learning centre, 236-250 holloway road, london N7 6PP (tel 171 7535190 fax 1717535015 email international@unl.ac.uk)duration 1 years, commencement september& ferbury. Qualification 1st class bachelor's degree and minimum 2 years work exeperience seats 50.

University of Northumbria, newcastle, newcastle business school, northumberland building, northumberland road, newcastle-upon- tyne NE1 8ST (tel 191 1173381 fax 191 2273839 email nbadmission@unn.ac.uk)duration 12 to 18 momnths commencement september, Qualification degree with 3 years work experience required GMAT(550) TOFEL(600) iELTS (6.5) seats 15-20.

University of Nottingham, MBA office jubillee campus, wollaton road, nootingham, NG8 1BB (tel 1159515500 fax 1159515503 website www.notingham .ac.uk ) duration 1 year, commencement october ,qualificaation graduate with 3 years works experience required .GMAT(550)TOFEL(600) IELTS(6.5), seats 100.

Nottingham Trent University, masters administrator, Nottingham business school, burton street,nottingham NG1 4BU (tel 1158486198 fax: 1158486512 ) duration 1 year, commencement september, Qualification 1st class bachelor's degree and minimum 3 years work experience,GMAT req. ToFEL (600) IELTS(6.5)seats:25,

University of Oxford, school of management studies,university of oxford, the raclifee infirmary, woodstock road, oxford OX2n 6HG(tel (01865)228477 fax (01865)228471) duration good first degree, two peices of writtee work for assessment-approx2000 words, 3 references,GMAT (620+)IELTS.

University of Plymouth, plymouth bussiness school, locksway road, milton, southsea, hampshire PO4 8JE (tel 1705 844110 fax 1705844319 email karen.meudell@port.ac.uk0) duration & commencement: 1 year september for generic MBA, 2 years september & january for global MBA. Qualification univewrsity deree and minimum 3 years work experience preferred, fluency in english. seats 30

Univrersity of Salford, the management school, saltford, grater manchester M5 4WT (tel 161 2955530 fax 161 2955022 email d.c. lavender@man-sch.salford.ac.uk, website www.salford.ac.uk),duration 2 years, commencement october, Qualification university degree and minimum 2 years work experience, seats 40 age 26 years.

University of Stirling, faculty of management, stirling FK9 4LA scotland( tel 1786 467415 fax 178 450776 email mba@stir.ac.uk), duration 1 year, commencement september, qualification good degree, TOFEL seats 40.

University of Stratclyde, strathclyde graduation business school, graduate admissions, 199 cathedral street, gasgow G4 OQU (tel 1415536118/9 fax 141 5528851 email admissions@sgbs.strath.ac.uk),duration 1 year Qualification university degree and minimum 3 years work experience. GMAT,IELTS required, age 24 years.

University of Surrey, surrey european management school, stag hill,guildford,surrey GU2 5XH (tel 1483259347 fax 1483259511 email sems@surrey.ac.uk),duration graduate and minimum 3- years work experience seats 25-30, age 27

University of Wales Institute, cardiff, business school, colchester , avenue,cardff CF3 7XR (tel 1222506370 fax 1222506932 email tcockburn@uwic.ac.uk)duration 1 year, commencement: september & february Qualification university degree and minimum 1 year work experience (optional) seats 100.

University of Wales college, Newport, deparment of business & management, po box 180,newport NP9 5XA (tel 1633432366 fax:1633423207 email uic@newport.ac.uk)duration:1 year,commencement: october, Qualification graduate age 28 years seats 25,

University of the west of England
, briston, frenchay campus,coldharbour lane,bristol BS16 1QY (tel 117976848 fax 12225o6932 1179762718 email business@uwe.ac.uk) duration 1 years,commencement september, Qualification university degree and minimum 2 years works experience, IELTS(6.0)GMAT(550)seats 85,age 23 yearsage

University of Wolver Hampton, shroshire campus wolver Hampton WV1 1SB (tel 1902 321789 fax 1902321724 email wbs.marketing@wlv.ac.u). duration 1 year commencement january,
Qualification relevant degree, minimum 2 years work exper. age 30 years. req. GMAT req seats 50.
University of Westminster, international eucation office, 309,regent street, london W 1B 2UW (ph +44 (0) 2079155401 fax +44 (0) 799115001 website www.wmin.ac.uk) duration 1 year, commencement september & february. QUalification 1st class bachelor's degree and minimum 3 years work experience.IELTS(6.5) tofel (600)

Univesity of Warwick, Warwick business school,coventry CV4 7AL (tel 1203 524100 fax 1203 5244111)duration 1 year, commencement october Qualification degree and 3 years work experience. GMAT required, seats 120 age 29 years.

west London college, parliament house, 35 north row, mayfair, london W1 R2DB (tel 171 4911841 fax 171 4995853 email register@wic.telme.com) duration 1 year commencement january & july, Qualification graduate


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