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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland comprises the Island of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and many small islands. it is separated from the coast of western Europe by the English channel to the south and by the north sea to the east .the northern and the western shores are washed by the Atlantic ocean. great Britain is the largest of the islands forming the united kingdom . it comprises England, Scotland, Wales, the isle of man and the channel islands St.George's channel and the Irish sea lie between the UK and Ireland. Britain is much less than half the size of francs or Germany and would forty times into the united states of America. yet, for hundreds of years this island has been a world power.

Education system in the UK is compulsory for everyone between the ages of five and sixteen every year more than 100,000 international students join British colleges and universities. course some are accountancy, business studies, management studies, art & design , architecture, tourism, hotel management, engineering, medicine etc. information about access course in the UK, visit the UCAS website at www.ucas.co.uk Foundation course are organized by individual universities and colleges. Gce a- levels, Scottish higher a-levels can be studies at any boarding school or college in England,  Wales or northern Ireland and some in Scotland, while higher can be studies at my Scottish school or college.

Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Foundation Programmes: These programmes are basically aimed at international students. a master's degree, which takes a year to complete and most often  takes the form of instruction and examination , includes course work, spoken and written exams, and preparation of a research thesis.

Taught Master:
taught masters' course normally consist of lectures, seminars and classes with students submitting a dissertation of 15,000-20,000 words at the end of the course to receive a master's degree.

Research Masters programme culminates in a thesis or dissertation of 30,000- 70,000 words. the thesis must present original findings. programmes include the MPhil and the ma/Msc by research.

the PhD is a research programme extending over three or more years, usually collating with a dissertation or thesis of approximately 70,000-100,000 words. colleges and institutes of higher education offer a variety of courses leading to degree level and professional qualification. they can be either full time or part time.

Academic Year
the academic year runs from late September or early October to June. academic year is split into three terms-autumn late September/early October to mid December), spring (January to late march /early April) and summer April to mid July).

Coast of Study
the cost varies from one Institution to another and from one part of the country to another.

Tuition Fees
can very from one institution to another. cost of living will depend on the place you live and on your personal life style. most British undergraduate courses take three years and postgraduate programmers generally take one year. the average tuition fee for undergraduate course such as arts, business,  science ranges between$6200 to $7500 per year. for vocational courses it comes to around &3700.for postgraduate course in arts, business and science the fees is around $ 6450 to 7650 per year approx. for English language courses the fee ranges between $100 to $500 per week  living costs generally very according to the location but on average it my cost around &6500 to &8000 approx.

University Accommodation
There are two types of university accommodation-halls of residence and  self-catering halls.

undergraduate degrees are offered by 3 kinds of institutions in the i.e.:
(1) universities
(2) colleges and institutions of higher education
(3) degree awarding colleges
there is also a wide choice of courses:
(a) single honours- one subject studies within which specialist options
are offered
(b) joint honours- involves the study of two separate but equal subjects
which may be related or even unrelated (e.g. business management and chemistry)
(c) combined honors:
(d) major or minor:
(e) sandwich course:

English language skills
Students from overseas who wish to study a degree course  in the UK need a good level of written and spoken English. this could be in the form of an accepted test score result such as an IELTS or TOFEL. you can get general information about IELTS, how to register for IELTS,  the application form, the IELTS handbook, dates of British council IELTS exams in  India, information on IELTS preparation course at the British council office.

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