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Study in Switzerland


Switzerland is known all around the world for its scenic beauty, serenity and awesome locations. International students also enter Switzerland every year to graduate from one of the twelve universities in Switzerland. The Swiss give education prime importance in their lives, which is one of the reasons why quality education is imparted in Switzerland and why a large number of students are international students.


First and foremost, international students must fulfill certain language requirements so as to enter a Swiss University. The education system in Switzerland includes kindergarten, the elementary school, apprenticeship, secondary school and then the University or technical college in the given order. Apprenticeship begins after elementary education and a student at this point of time chooses his/her profession. It lasts from two to four years and gives the students opportunities to either work after it ends or go for further education. Education in University consists of the Bachelorís degree education and the Masterís degree education.


Accommodation on-campus can be difficult to get in Switzerland however; most universities help out students to get good homes, residences, shared apartments, etc. through their database. One can even find accommodation at subsidized rates which are substantially lower than the market rates. A contract is usually signed on renting an apartment/house which contains a detailed description of all the house rules, etc.


University tuition fees for international students in Switzerland can lie from CHF 1,000-CHF 8,000 per annum depending on the university. In addition, living costs can range from CHF 19,000-CHF 29,000 per year. Living costs again depend on the location of university or an individualís personal requirements. Thus, the cost of insurance also adds up to the education cost for studying in Switzerland. Funding education is usually an important concern for international students. One can contact the FCS i.e. the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students to enquire about the several scholarships offered to international students by the Swiss Government and their eligibility criterions, etc.


ETH Zurich, University of Geneva & University of Zurich of Switzerland are in the list of top 100 best universities in the world according to THE-QS World University Rankings. Some other universities like the University of Basel, University of Lausanne, etc. are also institutes of educational excellence.



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