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Study in Spain


Spain is a great country to enrich oneís knowledge in more than one ways. Education in Spain holds a high status in the eyes of its own students as well as international students. A few of the biggest cities in the world like Barcelona and Madrid of Spain offer exceptional educational opportunities to students and aim to not only develop their academic competence but also an illustrious personality.


The initial education in Spain is compulsory as well as free for all up to the age of sixteen which consists of the following stages: Nursery schooling, Primary schooling and the secondary schooling. After passing out from secondary school a student can choose to work or study further according to his/her individual preferences. A student must complete the Spanish Baccalaureate or its equivalent (for international students) if he/she wishes to enter a University for a Bachelorís or Masterís degree. It is also obligatory for a student to clear the University Entrance Examinations to get into a Spanish University for higher education.


One can rent a flat/apartment either individually or on shared basis according to oneís personal demands and needs. University accommodation can be hard to get therefore; one can look out for housing closer to the University. If one does not require an entire apartment, it is advisable to look for individual rooms as they would also be lighter on oneís pocket and one can use the saved money to spend on other luxuries or necessities.


Cost of education (tuition fees) housing, food, stationary, traveling, electricity, personal demands, luxuries, health insurance, etc. are the basic things one has to account for before moving abroad for higher studies. The cost of education in Spain can vary from £4,000 to £30,000 per year depending on the nature and choice of course as well as the respective University.

A few scholarship awards, fellowships, stud grants and other financial aids are available to support the higher education of the international students. Certain organizations, government & universities aim to help need and capable students in their quest to develop and showcase their potential.


Some of the Universities in Spain, namely, University of Barcelona, Complutense University of Madrid, University of the Basque Country, Polytechnical University of Madrid, etc. are recognized internationally and are top-tier Institutes.



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