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Study in Mexico


Mexico is known worldwide for its lively culture and delicious cuisines. This Spanish speaking country also provides immense educational opportunities combined with modern day technology. International students in Mexico are warmly received and treated during their stay in Mexico.


Mexicoís education system starts at the nursery level and advances gradually to pre-school followed by primary school up to the age of 11. Middle school or Secondary school begins at the age of 12 and continues for the next three years. At the age of 15, students commence their high school education which goes on for three years and consists six semesters. Any student who is a high school graduate or its equivalent can apply to a university for a Bachelorís degree a.k.a. Licenciate which usually begins when a student is 18. A student has an option to continue with higher education after the four year bachelorís programme and begin with his/her Masterís or Doctorate.

Mexico offers variety of courses to its native as well as international students which they are free to choose according to their own individual preferences and desires.


Almost all the Universities offer Halls of residences to its students, some of them on-campus while others off the campus. Most of these have additional utilities to ease the students such as laundry, cooking, housekeeping, telephones, Wi-fi facilities, etc. One also need not worry about security at halls of residences. Home stays in Mexico are also immensely popular, wherein, an international student stays with a native family and in return pas certain amount of rent to the family. Apart from the above two options, one can rent an individual apartment on a personal or shared basis.


Cost of education in Mexico is a little expensive as compared to the Asian countries and therefore one might feel the need of financial assistance. The tuition fees at the university level can range from 11,000 pesos to 85,000 pesos depending on the credits and courses. Living expenses can also range from 48,700 pesos to 55,700 pesos approximately.

One can apply for the various scholarships and grants made available by the universities, governments and organizations to cover their expenses.


Technologico de Monterry, Universidad de Las Americas, Universidad de Quintana Roo, Universidad Veracruzana, etc. are some of the best universities in Mexico.



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