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Study in Malaysia


Malaysia has evolved tremendously since her independence. Possessing an environment of peace and harmony, it is a country which has shown rapid growth and development and made its citizens proud. Shopper’s paradise and travelers delight is how Malaysia is usually looked at. Many are aware of the country’s first-class educational opportunities.


Pre-primary school, primary school, secondary school, tertiary education and post-graduate education build up the Malaysian education system. Tertiary education in Malaysia is subsidized by the government and it’s necessary for a student to hold a Malaysian matriculation certificate or its equivalent to be eligible to apply for tertiary education in any Malaysian university. Many students also come to Malaysia to do their post-graduation.


Most of the universities offer housing facilities to international students either on-campus or somewhere close to the campus. Students can choose from a wide range of apartments, villa’s, etc. according to their comfort level. Shared accommodation reduces one’s cost of living considerably and is preferred by many students. Even if a university is unable to provide one with accommodation, one can always seek its assistance to find the same.


Surprisingly, education in Malaysia is very affordable. On an average it can cost an international student anywhere from RM60,000 to RM90,000 which includes university tuition fees as well as living expenses for a three-year education programme.

Even then, various scholarship awards, education funds, study grants, unit trusts and insurance schemes as well as loans are available for students in Malaysia. The eligibility criterion and requirements for each option however differs. The Prysmian ASEAN Scholarship, UNESCO Co-sponsored Research Fellowships Programme, GIIS Junior College Scholarships, etc are some of the scholarship schemes offered.


Visa information can be easily extracted from embassies. The Malaysian Government has made the entire process pretty simple so that one’s visa can be issued to one on arrival at the Malaysian airport by a representative of his/her respective educational institute (all this, however, is with the exception of students from China).


The Putra University of Malaysia (UPM), Science University Of Malaysia (USM), University of Malaya (UM), etc. are one of the best and most sought after universities in Malaysia.

Also a few international universities like the Monash University, Australia, The University of Nottingham, UK, Raffles Design Institute, Singapore have also established their branch campuses in Malaysia.



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