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Study in India


Even though India is just a developing country, it has managed to catch the attention of plenty of international students. This can be credited to the excellent image and standard of the Indian Universities and Institutes which has been critically acknowledged worldwide. Infact, it is even said that it is hardest to crack the CAT/IIT exam, which is an entrance test for some of the best institutes such as IIMís/IITís. Securing admission in one of the best colleges/universities is thus not cake work while it requires a lot of hard work. This just goes on to display the exceptional quality of education imparted by the country.


One must finish twelve years of primary and secondary schooling to become eligible to apply for any undergraduate course/professional course. If one is already a graduate he/she can apply for masters.


India is a country known for its hospitality and acceptance of diverse cultures. A large number of Education Consultants set up by the Government of India exist to help the international students regarding their accommodation and food needs. Apart from these, most of the educational institutions provide hostel accommodation and other facilities to the international students to make them comfortable in the Indian atmosphere.


Although studying in India is very cheap compared to most of the foreign countries, the Government of India gives out scholarships to international students in an effort to help them. To name a few, Commonwealth Scheme, SAARC Scholarship Scheme and Cultural Exchange Program are just some of the scholarships offered. Education loans and various other means of financial helps are also easily available.


To acquire the Indian student visa you can approach one of the following:

  1. The Indian Embassies
  2. The High Commissions of India
  3. The Consultant Generals of India


Some of the best universities in India are the IITís i.e. Indian Institute of Technology (which is located at various places in the country), University of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Anna University, Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Management (IIMís), Faculty of Management Studies, All India Institute of Medical Studies, etc. It is visible that India has some very good colleges/universities for every field ranging from Engineering to medical and so on.



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