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Study in Germany


Universities in Germany offer theoretical as well as practical education. It has access to modern technology and resources which it combines with the “old-age techniques”. The practical experiences give students a feel of the real professional scenario and take them a step towards setting new benchmarks in their respective professions.


The education system in Germany includes a total of 13 years at school before one can apply to the University. University education begins either after 13 years itself or after 14 years (i.e. after a year of military training succeeding school). Students are always encouraged to choose their own subjects of study in the university.


Accommodation in Germany can be expensive however; it is okay if a student is willing to pay more for good facilities and quality. Various halls of residence with excellent amenities are available in Germany for international students at subsidized rates. Students are welcome to share apartments and thus reduce their individual expense while at the same time this helps them to interact with their roommates and make more friends. One can also apply for university guest houses but they are usually reserved for visiting faculty and one may have to empty it as and when the university asks for it.


Since the cost of education as well as living in Germany is pretty high one might feel the need of a scholarship to assist one’s education.

In Germany, personality of a student is also considered of great importance to be eligible for a scholarship and not just his/her grades or academic proficiency. The scholarship usually covers the standard living expenses and tuition fees of a student. Several universities, organizations, foundations as well as political parties are dedicated to this.


One is expected to fill out an application form for student visa and submit all the required documents at least eight weeks prior to reaching Germany. The application form can be received from the embassy. A student application visa grants one the permission to visit the country even before securing admission in any German educational institute. It will be valid for three months after which one has to apply for a student visa if he/she gets a seat in an educational institute.


The Heidelberg University, University of Hamburg, University of Stuttgart, University of Cologne, Jacob University Bremen, etc. are some of the well known and best universities in Germany.



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