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Study in France


France is usually known as a country of intriguing history, exceptional architecture and famous for romance. However, it might interest you to know that education in France is ranked twenty fifth best all across the world by a programme coordinated by OECD.


Education in France comprises of the following:

  1. Primary School
  2. Secondary School: It is further divided into two stages. One, the “collège” (a four year school) and the second one is the “lycèe” (a there year school). After the completion of the lycèe, one becomes a “baccalaurèat” i.e. the students now become eligible to seek admission in a university/college or to start their professional life.
  3. Higher Education: Elite schools or the “grandes ècoles” and the universities are the options available for higher education. The elite schools are supposed to be better and difficult to get into than the public universities. 


Numerous halls of residences, apartments on rents are available for international students however, accommodation on the campus ma be limited and is usually provided to scholarship holders.


France is a costly country but at the same time there is availability of various resources to fund you. The college/university fees range from 110 to € 750 per academic year for a diploma course. While that for engineering or business schools ranges from € 3600 to 14,300. The tuition fees, thus, vary greatly between colleges as well as courses. Other expenses approximately come out to be € 800 to €1450 per month which includes rents for residence, food, transportation costs, pocket money and cost of learning French. Also a compulsory health insurance can cost you another €100 to € 715 per year. This cost depends on the student’s age.

The French Government in an effort to help the bright international students has undertaken certain grants and trusts such as the French Government grants, etc.


One has to provide a passport, proof of enrollment, financial backup resources and one’s health insurance apart from parents permission (incase one is a minor) so as to apply for a students visa to France.


Some of the good universities in France include the American University of Paris, College de France, Ecole Centrale Paris, Strasbourg University, Universitè d’ Aix-Marseille III, etc.



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