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Study in Dubai


Dubai has made constant and efficient attempt to raise the level of male and female literacy rates along with the level of education. In a few ears, not only has the literacy rate of the natives of Dubai risen but Dubai has managed to magnetize a large traffic of international students also.


It is compulsory for international students to conclude their kindergarten, primary and secondary schooling and hold a general secondary certificate as a minimum requirement to be eligible for enrollment in any university/college in Dubai. Apart there is a minimum cut-off percentage which a student would require. This cut-off varies for different courses and fields of study.


One can always rent a private apartment in Dubai however; the rents can be high according to the location and size of the apartment. It can cost one AED 70,000-120,000 per year for a single bedroom apartment while the cost can rise up to a phenomenal AED 140,000-190,000 for a three bedroom apartment. A more financially viable option would be “shared accommodation” wherein one’s cost reduces significantly. University also provides apartments for international students however those are not sufficient to accommodate every international student.


Tuition fees for an undergraduate academic program on an average would be AED 173,400 approximately. While the fees for a graduate program approximately lies from AED 54,800-82,200. Various scholarships are made available for international students by the Government of Dubai and also the Universities. A main criterion for getting a scholarship is to obtain very good academic results. Otherwise a student can take a study loan or even look for sponsors if possible to get his/her education funded.


One of the best parts about studying in Dubai is that one doesn’t have to rush from embassy to consulates to issue a student’s visa. The visa can be acquired from the University itself if one is able to secure a seat in the university. The visa requirements (documents, etc.) differ from university to university and student’s ma contact their respective universities to receive information regarding the above.


University of Dubai, Dubai Aerospace University, Al Ghurair University, Heriot Watt University, Dubai polytechnic, etc. are some of the many Universities available in Dubai.



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