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Study in Canada


Canada treasures its international students as they believe that international students bring with them their diverse and rich culture, knowledge as well as skills and are thus an asset to the country rather than a liability. Thousands of students from around the world move to Canada for pursuing their studies.


It is mandatory for one to complete primary and secondary education before seeking admission to any of the universities/colleges for higher education i.e. for undergraduate and post-graduate programs.


International students are warmly welcomed by most Canadian families and that is the reason home stays are so popular in Canada. In home stays an international student stays with a native Canadian family during the period of the studentís academic year and caters for most of the studentís needs and requirements. Cost of home stays varies depending on the location and services provided by the families. Average cost has been calculated to be from $400-$800 per month. Shared accommodations (which are also very common), are apartments taken on rent by a few students and usually cost around $250-$350 per month. However, one must be extremely careful about the place and services before choosing an apartment. Hostels facilities for students are available too.


Undergraduate education in Canada can cost one in the range of $5,573-$17,667 while the tuition fees for graduates can range from $1,896-$33,667 per academic year. The cost of living is an add-on and some international students might feel the need of some sort of financial assistance. The Canadian institutions thus offer various scholarships as well as awards to foreign students. Students with excellent academic results can sit back freely and get their education funded by the institutes.


Canadian authorities look for the following aspects in a student before issuing one a visa:

1.        One must have secured an admission in one of the educational institutes in Canada before applying.

2.        One must be able to provide proof of oneís financial status. One must possess enough finances to live a comfortable life in Canada (inclusive of tuition fees, transport and living expenses).

3.        One must be of good character and a law-abiding citizen.

4.        One must be healthy and willing to take on a medical test if asked for.

5.        One must be willing to leave the country upon completion of the respective        course.



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