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Dakshin Bilpar Durga Puja Committee 2014 (Silchar)

Dakshin Bilpar Durga Puja Committee conducts Durga Puja in Public School Road, Silchar. Every year Dakshin Bilpar Durga Puja attracts huge crowds for its attractive pandal and Durga idol.

Dakshin Bilpar Durga Puja Committee has erected a 50 feet high pandal. Made of bamboos, wooden strips and cloths, the pandal will be a replica of Gorakhnath temple of Uttar Pradesh. It is being constructed by Rana Chatterjee and his team, hailing from Nabadwip of West Bengal.

The idols of god and goddesses are being designed in accordance with the Bengali tradition having a modern touch. Swapan Paul of Karimganj is entrusted with the task of making the idols. Like previous years, a colourful procession based on a theme will be taken out on Dashami on the way to immersion ghat.

During puja time Silchar becomes energetic and people gets engaged in the Pooja preparations.

Dakshin Bilpar Durga Puja is a very prominent Puja in Silchar, Assam. This puja was started by some prominent persons of South Bilpar some decades age. Since then Durga Puja is conducted every year and the flavor of the Public School Road Durga Puja (popularly known in Silchar town) remained the same. Many of our respected seniors left us while the younger generation joined us and successfully conducting the puja.

The whole area (Dakshin Bilpar) gets united during Durga Puja and its like a family. Prasad are freely distributed to the devotees (including all sections of our society) which symbolizes unity in diversity.

"Themes" during the last few years instigated our Durga Puja to a different stratum and hence the rate of footfall of the spectators have increased manifold.

We are also engaged in various cultural activities during and after Durga Puja. Musical functions after Durga Puja in Public School Road is famous in Silchar town. Many social organizations, media and prominent persons of Silchar town praised us for our effort.

In this modern world we are determined to preserve our culture and heritage

We cordially invite you to attend the 2013 Durga Puja along with your friends and family members.

Joy Ma Durga










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