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By | April 26, 2012

Visva Bharati University Course Admission 2017-2018

Visva Bhararti is a central university situated at Santiniketan of West Bengal and is established in the year 1921 on 23rd of December. At the time of establishment it was just a college. It is only after attaining independence that the founder of this institution gave it the present name. The founder of this university is the world famous Indian who is known by his poems, writings, paintings, musics and the most important as the noble prize winner Rabindranath Tagore. The university is completely based on Indian heritage. The university was affirmed as a central university by the year 1951. The university has its own motto. The motto of the university is “yatra visvam bhavatyekanidam” which means ‘where the world makes a home in a single nest’. This motto was taken from the Vedas. The name of the university ‘Visva Bharati’ means the spiritual union of India with the world. It has its own theme song also-“Amader Santiniketan”. There are about 2 kindergarten schools, a pre degree school, 2 schools, 8 institutions and about 15 centres working under this university.

If we go through the history of this university we can see that the university was set up by Maharshi Debendranath Tagore in the early 1863 with a vision to make people come and meditate there. The first and foremost name was Brahmacharya Ashram.

The administrative group of this university includes the visitor, rector, chancellor and vice-chancellor named as Paridarsaka, Pradhana, Acharya and Upacharya respectively with the President of India as the visitor, the governor of West Bengal as the rector; it is the president who selects the chancellor and vice chancellor. The university is accompanied by about more than 126 professors, 115 lecturers and about 140 assistant lecturers. It is calculated that at present about 6500 students studying in this institution having 2 campuses.

Courses offered by the university are:
Bachelor of Fine Arts(BFA)

For complete information on the above courses, prospectus, application forms, eligibility etc visit website www.visva-bharati.ac.in/

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