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Schools in Pune



Best Schools in Pune

Best Schools in Pune- Best ones in Maharashtra

If there is anybody who resides in the central region of India, he must know the value of the educational institutions located in Pune. Pune, the educational hub of the central region of India has got everything when it comes to education. Premier institutes like the Symbiosis Institutes of Business Management and MIT have always registered their names in the best institutes of India. By witnessing the value of these institutions, you can easily know the level of education provided by the best schools in pune. You must have always heard about the existence of junior colleges in pune. These junior colleges are one of the better alternatives to give your wards, a chance to meet the realities of the professional world in their earlier stages of career.

Besides these junior colleges, there are lots of famous boarding and day-boarding schools in pune which provide eminent facilities along with a sound education. Schools in pune are known for developing the mental mind of the students by erecting the walls of moral values in them. Here is a list of some of renowned schools in pune:

  • Army Public School
  • Bishop’s School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Royce International School
  • Indus International School
  • Ornellas High School
  • St. Joseph’s School
  • Symbiosis
  • St. Anne’s School
  • St. Helena’s School

Schools listed are mostly run by missionaries and offers best education in pune imparting moral values. All of them are considered as few of the best schools in pune and are affiliated by the C.B.S.E or the I.C.S.E board.




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