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Schools in Delhi



Best Schools in Delhi

Delhi has always been on the top list for providing quality education to students and operates under different boards of education such as CBSE, matriculation and ICSE. Among these, CBSE and ICSE are well known for providing quality education. There are more than 5000 schools in Delhi and 4500 schools are renowned for offering quality education. Schools in Delhi have sufficient infrastructure and the educational system is set up to provide importance for both academic study as well as sports. Apart from regular schools that offer quality education, there are many residential schools in Delhi, which helps to impart culture to the students and make them educated in a better way.

Number of boarding schools in Delhi is increasing day by day. Matriculation schools are spread throughout the city. Even schools established during the time of independence run successfully up to date. Some of the top 10 best schools in Delhi are listed below: 

1.       Amity International School

2.       Arwachin Bharati Bhawan Senior Secondary School

3.       Apeejay School

4.       The Frank Anthony Public School

5.       Vasant Valley School

6.       Air force Bal Bharati

7.       Air for Golden Jubilee

8.       The Air Force School

9.       Army Public School Dhaula Kuan

10.   Ryan School

Most of the top schools in India are mainly located at Delhi. It is a pride statement that Delhi has all the facilities required to offer International standard education to students mixed with our own heritage and culture. Qualified teaching staffs and the administration makes the education in Delhi- world class.




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