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Schools in Dehradun



Best Schools in Dehradun

Emerge as a leader with the education in Dehradun

Dehradun is characterised by its picturesque locations and world class education. It is the home to most famous residential and boarding schools for boys and girls. In fact, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who had been a student of the Doon school is a prized possession for the city.

There are some notable institutes found in Dehradun which are known for their quality, discipline and dedicated teaching. They have been established years long before and have surpassed the testimonies of time. Education plays a pivotal role in the development of a child and this thing is properly taken care of by the schools operating in Dehradun.

There are both CBSE and ICSE schools functioning with a wide syllabus cover up and sports and extra curricular also. It enhances the overall personality of the child. The Army School in Dehradun aims to produce the best cops from their campus.

Some of the best schools in Dehradun are:

         The Doon School

         The Asian School

         Ann Mary School

         George Public School

         Carman Residential and Day School

         Doon Valley Public School

         Hopetown Girls School

         Welham Girls School

         Welham Boys School

         Rashtriya Indian Military College

The above mentioned list is just a snapshot of the institutes known. The list is much longer when quality education in Dehradun is looked for. Parents around the country send their children here to get education and emerge as leaders one day. It is the perfect place for wild children requiring some discipline.




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