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Schools in Bangalore



Best Schools in Bangalore

Best Schools in Bangalore- The Educational Hub of the Deccan

Whenever anybody asks about the place offering best education in the southern part of the India, everybody answers the same i.e. Bangalore. Bangalore has been considered as an educational hub of the Deccan becoming the station of most of the renowned institutes like the IIM and B.R. Ambedkar Medical College. Information Technology is the term which has been mostly associated with Bangalore. For making the student up to the level of the renowned technical firms, schools in Bangalore have always made special efforts encouraging the students to keep update of the current affairs and to generate their interest in the professional world.

Most of the high schools and secondary schools of Bangalore are affiliated through the C.B.S.E and the I.C.S.E board making them as one of the best schools in Bangalore. Level of education in Bangalore is no doubt very good as the educational institutions in Bangalore encourages the students to take part in discussions and co-curricular activities helping them to develop mentally according to the ethics of modern society. Some of the best schools are:

  • Bishop Cotton Girl’s School
  • Delhi Public School
  • Venkat International Public School
  • Ryan International School
  • The Deens Academy
  • Maxwell Education Trust
  • Bangalore International School
  • Canadian International School
  • Oxford Senior Secondary School
  • St. Vincent Public School

Most of the schools named above have been affiliated through the I.C.S.E board but the schools affiliated through the C.B.S.E board do provide world-class education making a place in the list of the best schools in Bangalore.




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