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Residential Schools in India



Best Residential Schools in India

Learn your duties by staying at residential schools

The latest trend in education system is of residential schools where the students reside in the same campus along with other students, teachers and staff members and all the activities and studies are arranged within the school building. There are lodging and fooding facilities available for the students who have to stay away from their parents and guardians.

Residential schools are gaining importance in India due to the increased significance of educational expertise and background and disappearing sincerity and interest among young generation. The budding children are the future of the nation and no compromise can be made on their development. Being with their parents, children turn out to be wild and undisciplined. Residential schools make them learn their duties, perform their tasks and household work on their own and make them a responsible person.

Some of the best residential schools in India which is the dream of every parent are:

·         Kirpal Sagar Academy, Punjab

·         Bhavan’s Prominent School

·         Birla Vidya Mandir

·         Assam Rifles School, Shillong

·         Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kerala

·         Dehradun Hills Academy

·         Doon Valley Public School

·         Bethany High School, Bangalore

·         Delhi Public School, New Delhi

·         Carman Residential School, Dehradun

The students being away from their parents sometimes feel homesick and need extra care. These residential schools pay special and individual attention to each and every child and provide the space for his or her complete growth and development in a way that they do not feel any loneliness or depression.




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