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International Schools in India



Best International Schools in India

Get global with International schools

With increasing globalisation at a fast pace and working people desired to be equipped of the latest and diverse skills and knowledge, the demand for international schools has risen exceptionally. International schools provide the best infrastructure with a wide curriculum, incorporating syllabus and skills from all over the world, coupled with English as the medium of instruction and rigorous study modules.

International schools in India follow the rules of Indian Education System; yet work upon the foundations of international and global procedures of imparting education. These International Schools strive hard to prepare each student to handle the complex situations of life, securing a work-life balance with optimum growth.

Being named International, students from diverse and varied countries and backgrounds enrol themselves here and come to know about the cultures prevailing in the world. They become more open towards life and are confident in their tasks.

Some of the world known International schools in India are:

         Good Shepherd International School, Ooty

         International School, Bangalore

         Treamis World School, Bangalore

         Pranjali International School, Mumbai

         Amity Global Schools, Delhi

         Parkwood School International, Hyderabad

         Stonehill International School, Bangalore

         The British School, Panchkula

         The SelaQui School, Dehradun

         American International School, Chennai

Though the admission procedure and eligibility criteria in International Schools are stringent, yet once entered, it completely changes the life style and the outlook of the student. Parents also feel proud of the upbringing and the education provided to their children in these schools.




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