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MCA Education in India 2015-2016 course
Master of Computer Application (MCA) is masters course which is offered by universities in India and is 3 yrs of course. MCA Education in India is taken by those students who want to pursue software engineer as career. MCA course is offered to those students who are graduated from computer application stream.

MCA Education in India is very fragile from other courses and student has to undergo number of projects along with internship at the last 6months of the 3rd yr course. Generally, students have to undergo entrance exams conducted by the universities along with GDPI. As per the performance in the entrance exam student will be provided the admission in the university. There are different entrance exam pattern in different university. However, All India MCA Common Entrance Test will have the same pattern is being organized by IIT Roorkee.

There are various MCA specialization courses offered by the universities such as System Management, System Engineering, Software Development, Hardware Technology and other such options. Once the course gets over an individual can get good job with handsome salary in any of the IT companies in India. Some can also get job in foreign IT Company.

MCA Education in India is getting better and better and universities are offering all the basic amenities for students that can help them to understand the subject very well. The admission procedure has become very easy because of the internet through which one can take admission through online website.





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