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MBA in Material Management




MBA in Material Management

Material management is a form of logistic and supply chain management. MBA in Material management has become very popular ever since the introduction of Quality Standards across countries. The ISO Certification has made it necessary for the introduction of materials management divisions in large industries.

MBA in Material Management is of 2 years for students who pursue it as a regular full time course and is of 3 years for students who pursue it as a part time correspondence course. This program helps students in developing various modern materials management concepts. Students are allowed to do various internship programs which help them in developing their expertise in various stores and purchase management sectors. This course aims at maximising the profitability of industry and intends to get students acquainted with the latest tools and techniques of material management and prepares them to face all challenges.

The 2 year full time Material Management Course includes:

Management Functions and Behaviour
Human Resource Management
Quantitative Methods
Managerial Economics
Accounting & Finance for Managers
Information Technology
Business Law
Strategic Management
International Trade
Operations Management
Purchasing Management
Inventory Management
Research Methodology

Some of the top institutes offering post graduate diploma in material management in India are:

Indian Institute of Materials Management, Bangalore
Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata
Indian Institute of Materials Management, Mumbai
Indian Institute of Material Management, Daryaganj
All India Institute Of Management Studies, Chennai
College Of Material Management, Jabalpur

There are a lot of opportunities for professionals who pursue a career in Material Management. Companies offer attractive salary packages to professionals. This is the biggest reason which is why many students choose a career in this field. Professionals get consumed by companies of both public as well as private sector. Defence, railways and public transport organisation offer professionals with various employment opportunities in purchasing, storing and supplying departments. With a motivation of progressing, professionals in Material Management can reach to various designated positions of a company.

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