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MBA in Banking and Finance in India




MBA course in Banking and Finance in India

Banking sector has undergone tremendous changes in India and across the world and this evolution in the banking sector is attributed to the changing business scenario and financial practices around the world. MBA program in Banking and Finance in India is a specialized degree which imparts the managerial skills, and financial strategies required for effective banking in India and which directly affects international banking industry as well.

MBA program in Banking and Finance in India provides a holistic knowledge about the core managerial skills, problems encountered by the banking sector, the solutions they demand, the important issues related to international banking, developing an innovative organizational viewpoint in banking, recent progresses made in the field of banking both within and outside India, the effect of         Information Technology on banking and financial sector, the ways and norms to tackle the issues related to the same, and thereby training students to take up a career in banking. A paradigm shift has been observed in the banking sector in terms of organization, management, and the growing economy demands more and more innovative strategies and policies for the effective functioning of banking sector and the corporate. In todays consumerist world, customer is king and the definitions of traditional banking have become obsolete. Bankers are not just involved in banking operations but are engaged in financial advising and fund management.

List of institutions offering MBA program in Banking and Finance in India is as follows:

                  Institute of Marketing and Management, Delhi
                  IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida
                  Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, Delhi
                  Apeejay Institute of Technology School of Management, Greater Noida

Thus MBA program in Banking and Finance in India not only provides an elaborate knowledge about the functioning of banking sector in India but also about the international banking operations and the effect of the same on the financial sector.  

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