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Placement Consultants and Agencies in Kozhikode


Kozhikode an ideal place which is surrounded by natural scenic and a perfect visual treat for every tourist who comes to Kozhikode. The city is well known for its long serene coastline, picturesque mountains, gorgeous waterfalls and lively forests, wild life sanctuaries and historical sites, which make every visitor to come back again. The city is also said as commercial centers of Kerala state. A large percentage of the population in Kozhikode is working in Middle East and their remittance to home plays a vital part in the local economy of the state. The economy of the state is mainly depends on the agriculture and fisheries.

There are plenty of jobs in Kozhikode. The industries and companies in the city are providing larger proportions of jobs to the right candidates. The city is surrounded by several industries like timber, trading, tile making, saw mills etc. Many international firms have started entering into Kozhikode so sure there are many jobs for desired candidates. Other than that there are BPO, outsourcing, marketing, part time jobs etc.

The placement agencies in Kozhikode are making all steps in letting know about the vacancies in the companies around Kozhikode and also in other states. The placement consultants in Kozhikode are recruiting and filtering candidates according to their qualification, field of interest and experience in their field.

Here is a list of Placement Agencies in Kozhikode :

310, Foura
Building Movoor Road,
India # 2722065,
Fax : 2722514,
website : www.charishma.com



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