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Placement Consultants and Agencies in  Jabalpur


Jabalpur is one of the ancient cities and city with several historical backgrounds. The city is also well known for the Marble Rocks gorge on Narmada River and more over Jabalpur is named as the administrative and educational centers which are acting as the gateway to important wildlife sanctuaries around it. The city houses several historical backgrounds and many palaces, forts, forest etc which is a perfect visual treat for any tourist who is stepping into the city. Jabalpur is a lively city that has attained a great economic boom over the past few years and it is the fastest growing cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The educational system has been improving over past decade and the city also houses several school, engineering, arts and medical colleges.

The jobs in Jabalpur are quite large in number. Several industries have parked into Jabalpur and they have been a great source in providing jobs for plenty of People. There are also many jobs in Jabalpur such as BPO, Software, Outsourcing, Tele marketing etc and certain companies are also providing part time jobs. There are many sugar producing unit, kite- making, handicraft companies which are providing jobs for number of people.

The placement agencies in Jabalpur are providing all sources of vacancies around Jabalpur and other states of India. The placement consultants are selecting and recurring people based on their qualification and experience in that field.

Here is a list of Placement Agencies in Jabalpur :

Disha Consultants,
2501, Near telegraph gate No. 3,
Wright Town,
Jabalpur - 482002, #312593/22126,
Fax : 317275,
email : telemat@bom2.vsnl.net.in




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