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Placement Consultants and Agencies in  Coimbatore


Coiambatore is one of the finest places for any job seekers where there are plenty of opportunities to get a desired job. People always try to get jobs in Coiambatore because of its climatic conditions and sufficient water supply throughout the city where you cannot witness in any other states. Coiambatore holds some of the prominent education institution in all fields of engineering, medical, agriculture and law colleges etc.

There are hundreds of textile industries all over Coiambatore and they play a vital role in the economy of the country by making millions of revenue through exporting garments.

There are many jobs in Coiambatore as there are many MNC IT, automobiles, machinery industries have surrounded in Coiambatore which are providing opportunities in fields of IT, BPO, animation, textile, design etc which makes it easy for any desired people to get a job in Coiambatore. It has been estimated that there are nearly 5000 large and medium textile industries in Coiambatore which is sure of providing 1000 of job opportunities for people.

Job placement agencies in Coiambatore are playing a leading role in Coiambatore in providing many ways for students to get a job. They are getting the resumes of the concerned students and they filter up the job opportunities according to the studentís qualification. The placement consultants in Coiambatore are like backbone for every industry as they are bringing out qualified students to the concerned industries.

Here is a list of Placement Agencies in Coimbatore :

A B C Consultants Pvt. Ltd.,
II Floor, White's 550-7, D.B. Road, R.S. Pruam,
Coimbatore - 641002, #04222543289/2543514,
Telefax : 04222543289,
email : coimbatore@abcconsultantss.net.
website : www.abcconsultants.net. www.kamaquest.com


Integrity & JK Manpower Services,
25-N, National Apartments, Grey Town,
Coimbatore 18


Juptiterian Placement,
1, Devaraj Arcade, Ground Floor,
Behand Sree Aarvee & Cag Pride Hotel,
1/359 Bharathiar Road, Gandhipuram,
Coimbatore - 641044 #2482299/2481307,
email : upiterian@vsnl.net



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