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Why Nuts are Healthy?

We all indulge into snacking at any time of the day to satiate our hunger. But it is very important to be smart enough in choosing snacks as wrong choice can cause weight gain in your body.

You would be glad to know that nuts are one of the healthiest items for snacking. It is not only great in taste but also fills your stomach for longer time. Nuts being in tiny form can be easily grasped and is savory and sweet in taste thus making it as an perfect item to be eaten up in between your regular meals. There are various reasons why nuts are healthy, some of such reasons are written below-have a look!

To achieve lean and slim figure, people avoid intake of food items rich in fat content. But if you still want to enjoy some healthy snack item which is not only rich in nutrition, feel full, then nuts are the best choice for you! Nuts are loaded with healthy fats. One should go in for boiled peanuts rather than roasted ones to gain healthy benefits from nuts.

It has been proved that people who regularly eat nuts in their diet do not get affected by bad cholesterol and thus are free from any kind of heart related ailment. Moreover daily intake of nuts reduces the risk of blood clots that leads to heart attacks.

Nuts keep your stomach full for longer time as they are highly loaded with proteins.

Nuts are loaded with selenium mineral which activates the antioxidant substances called as glutathione peroxidase. This antioxidant wards off free radicals that lead to cancer.

Moreover, you can always combine nuts with other food items. For e.g. you can make food with peanut sauce or use it as a topping etc.





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