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Healthy Diet & Recipes


Top Workout Snacks Recipes

Exercise causes sweating, tiredness and makes you hungry. Thus is normal, so donít hesitate to eat something healthy! Even before starting your fitness schedule, it is important that you eat certain healthy food items. Check out the article written below that guides you over top workout snacks!

Eggs are rich in protein and fats. You can include eggs in your diet both before and after exercising. You should choose hard-boiled eggs instead of fried eggs to avoid excessive intake of fat content. eggs provides you good amount of amino acids which helps in replenishing wear and tear of muscles.

Coconut water:
It is true that you feel extremely thirsty after your exercising schedule. So to get energy and relief from thirst, you can include fresh coconut water which free from sugar. If you want, you can also add ice cubes to it to make your dink more refreshing and revitalizing.

Protein drinks:
You can also prepare protein drinks to get energy. For preparing energy drink, add fresh fruit juices with whey proteins or banana. You can also prepare chocolate milk. For preparing protein shake add nuts with yogurt, water and vanilla protein powder and mix well in a blender.

Peanut butter toast:
Peanut butter toast is another perfect workout snack item. For preparing this, you can evenly spread 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter on 2 slices of whole grain toast.

Grapes and blueberries:
1 cup frozen grapes or blueberries provides tremendous energy after workout. Moreover it provides you 27grams of carbohydrate as well.

Banana is the simplest and easiest workout snacky item which is loaded with carbohydrates providing you tons of energy. It is a great snack to be eaten before starting your workout session so that you donít feel hungry during your workouts.

Do include the above written food item in your diet and enjoy your workouts!





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