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 Diet Tips: Cholesterol free diet

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Diet Tips: Cholesterol free diet

Do you know that high cholesterol is one of the major reasons for heart ailments? If you have sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits no matter how much your exercise, you are always at the risk of some or the other ailment. Check out the tips below for cholesterol free diet that can helps you to keep tabs on your cholesterol level!

Diet rich in fiber not only improves bowel movement but also helps in keeping cholesterol low. Fresh fruits and vegetables are best source of fiber. You would be glad to read that fiber absorbs bad cholesterol from blood stream and flushes it out in a nice way. Oats are another healthy food item to keep cholesterol level in control.

Enrich food items that help in increasing HDL cholesterol and lower down the LDL cholesterol in body to keep heart ailments at bay. You would be glad to read that food items rich in omega 3 fats keeps cholesterol in control, so do include fishes and dry fruit in your daily diet as they are highly rich in omega 3 fats. Intake of raw onion a day lowers down the blood cholesterol levels.

In your cholesterol free diet, make sure you only choose lean meats over red meats to keep bad cholesterol and fat away.

In cholesterol free diet, there should be no space for alcohol. Keep in mind that only red wines are found to reduce LDL levels in body and thus helps in maintaining heart but all the other variety of alcohol promotes bad cholesterol and results in heart ailments. So stay away from alcoholic drinks.

You would be glad to read that lipoproteins reduces LDL cholesterol and increases the HDL cholesterol levels in body which helps in keeping heart ailments at bay.





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