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......Why Stretching is Necessary During Exercise?......

Stretching is necessary during exercise as it prepares the body for further difficult exercises. It helps in preparing the muscles for daily exercise. Stretching should be done before and after exercise in order to reduce the risk of injuries. Sudden and stressful exercises may lead to muscle tear, but stretching provides gentle flexibility to the muscles before and after exercising.

Stretching acts as a foundation and is the primary and basic step before exercising. Human body becomes stiff without exercising regularly and so it is highly recommended to prepare the body by stretching before and after exercising. Stretching after exercises creates a smooth end and relaxes the body gently before carrying on with other daily work.

Stretching helps in recovery from injuries. It heals the damaged muscles slowly and safely. Physical therapist and doctors recommend stretching as it cures many kinds of injuries. Stretching provides flexibility to the body which in turn modifies the body to perform many other difficult exercises and strengthens the body. Stretching improves the body’s ability to work fast and keeps us active throughout the day. It provides more flexibility to hip flexors and quads.

Stretching improves circulation in body which ensures transfer of all nutrients to all parts of the body. Stretching needs to be done properly in order to loosen and stretch the tight muscles. The stretching of the body should be done in a relaxed way so that not much of pressure is exerted on muscles. It is normally not painful, but if pain persists during stretching, then it is advisable to consult the doctor.

Stretching helps in building strength effectively and resolves the twisted nerves allowing it to expand easily. Stretching is therefore important before and after exercise to ensure a gentle start and a smooth end.




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