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......Top 5 Health Issues for Women......

Women are more concerned about their health more than men due to the common health issues faced by women in today’s generation. Some of the commonly faced problems are heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. Most of the deaths are a result of cancer. Prevention of cancer can be done when known early. Regular checkups and tests need to be done in order to prevent cancer.

Breast cancer is common in women. The exact cause is still unknown but it is likely due to one of the reasons among late marriage, delay in first pregnancy, less breast feeding, obesity and genetic factors. Foods producing anti oxidants are recommended. Breast feeding needs to be promoted. Weight should be kept under control.

A stroke is another common health issue faced by women. It is caused by Diabetes and hypertension. It results due to lack of exercise, improper diet, and work pressure leading to stress. It can be controlled by following a healthy diet inclusive of all fruits and green vegetables and exercising regularly to maintain a proper weight.

Polycystic ovary disease is a female endocrine disorder found to be common in women. In this disease the ovaries start to possess small cysts. The cysts have a huge impact on probability of conceiving. Medical treatment is the cure to this disease.

Obesity is another problem faced by women. Regular exercise and day to day physical activity can help in reducing weight.

Osteoporosis is found to be common in women. In this condition the bone loses its density and starts to become thin. Food containing high calcium should be consumed. Women need to be careful in order to prevent bone fractures in this disease.

All the diseases can be controlled and prevented with specific measures taken. Ensuing a proper diet and regular exercise solve most of the problems.




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