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......Natural Remedies For Dry Skin......

Dry skin needs special care apart from regular application of moisturizing and protective lotions. Natural remedies are very effective compared to costly creams which use many unknown chemicals. Some of the easy procedures for dry skin are mentioned below-

- Body remains hydrated with water and hence drinking lots of water is highly recommended. Drinking more than 10 glasses per day will prove effective.

- A glass of milk mixed with 2 spoons of almond oil serves for good purpose.

- Among many lotions, baby lotion is recommended as it contains fewer chemicals.

- Honey is one of the best moisturising cream. It can be used all over body for ten minutes.

- Applying milk with warm water on dry areas works effectively.
Olive oil is an anti oxidant and has fatty acids. It proves to be very good for dry skin. Using safe and natural items like yogurt, papaya, and pumpkin exfoliates skin and does not scrub the granules. Foods containing high contents of omega 3 fatty acids can be taken. Intake of foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B is recommended.

Avoiding alcohol and caffeine completely will prove helpful. Mineral water needs to be used for washing. Regular exercise accelerates blood circulation which in turn provides all nutrients necessary for skin. The face must be protected from pollution while going out as the air outside is not clean.

Rubbing inside of banana peel on dry skin can be helpful. Smoking is very bad for skin. Hence it is advisable to quit smoking. Sweat allows the pores to clear and the skin breaths freshly. Exercise can accelerate sweat. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is required to eliminate dry skin. Interrupted sleep disturbs the health of skin. These natural remedies prove effective when done regularly.




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