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......Which is Better for Health - Lean Muscle or Bulky Muscle?......

Building muscles provides flexibility to the body and helps in maintaining a good figure. Building a bulky muscle is a tough job when compared to building a lean muscle. The muscles can be built based on protein intake taken by the person. Itís hard for women to build bulky muscle, but quite easy for men. Bulky muscles are built while focussing only on one part of the body like back and biceps; or chest and shoulders; or legs. Bulky muscles help in lifting heavier objects.

- Loss of fat in body and provides better metabolism.
- Body takes pleasing shape and makes one feel better.
- It provides fast results with regular workout.

- Body loses its flexibility due to bulkiness of muscles.
- Over worked body may look unnatural and unpleasant.
- It requires more time to build bulky muscles leading to boredom.

Building lean muscle is easy for both men and women. It involves intake of veggies, proteins. Simple yoga can also result in building lean muscle. It can be achieved in a natural way by doing simple exercises and lifting objects in day to day work. Lean muscle helps in burning fat. It involves simple exercises like squats, push-ups, dead lifts, suryanamaskars, overhead press etc.

- The whole body gains strength due to the natural movements done by all body parts.
- It provides flexibility in body and one remains active throughout the day.
- Saves time and one can concentrate on other works/interests.
- Provides good looking shape to the body due to loss of unnecessary fat. It also provides adequate strength to the body. The fat loss is maintained for a long term with the help of building lean muscles.




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