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......How to lose Weight without going Gym?......

It is true that use of free weights and machines helps in getting rid of those extra pounds from body while improving the stamina and metabolism of body. But this way of losing weight too suffers from certain limitations like health permissibility and feasibility of joining gym etc. You would be glad to know that there are certain types of exercises that help you to lose weight without going to gym. These exercises also save your money and time.

Exercises give appropriate impact on body by increasing the metabolism due to muscles workout. You can perform such exercises easily in your indoors of bedrooms, lobby, school yard, in parks or in place of your own choice. Before starting your workouts, make sure you warm up properly before starting up your exercising schedule. Also donít forget to relax and stretch yourself after completing your session.

You can also perform leg exercises which includes squats or crouching that helps in muscle building of thighs area. Also it provides you great buttocks shape and improved endurance level. Squats playing allow you to exhale and inhale air completely and moving up-down of chin helps in burning the fat of double chin and acts as a great upper body workout. Stretching and relaxing in different angles helps in upper region workout. Doorway chinning bars are really helpful. One can also purchase dumbbells from market and workout with them in home itself for losing weight in simple and easy way. Exercising with dumbbells helps in strengthening and shaping your biceps and chest muscles in a big way even if you exercise with it for 15 minutes only in a day.

Simple exercise of using stairs instead of elevators or lift too helps in losing weight in a big way by burning calories from your body in healthy way.





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