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......How to get Sexy Legs Doing Exercises?......

Do you get jealous every time you see a pair of sexy legs? Are you wondering what it takes to achieve sexy, toned and lean, slim legs? Then shift your focus on exercising as it is one of the best ways to get a pair of long and toned legs!

Involving yourself into vigorous cardiovascular workout which is basically full body workout helps in shaping your lower body portion perfectly. Either you get into cycling, running or walking, your legs are getting maximum workout. For getting rid of fat from legs muscles, you can involve into dancing and jumping.

For getting rid of fat from the back of your legs, stand straight in front of door and keeps hands on it for support. Push your body away from door slowly keeping your back straight. Now move your left leg towards the left thighs and raise it. Avoid bending your knees. Bring leg to the previous position. Repeating this procedure for at least 20 times with both legs would definitely bring down fat from leg’s back.

Lie down the mat and bend knees while keeping your hands beneath the buttocks. Now raise your legs and start cycling in air. Perform cycling in both clock and anti-clockwise directions. Keep cycling as long as your body permits. This exercise will not only help in slimming and toning down your legs but would also work on your abdomen and hip muscles.

Another exercise that helps you to slim down your legs is by raising your feet from floor and balancing your body weight on toes. Stay in this position for 5-7 seconds and then slowly lower the feet. Repeat this movement at least for 20 times for getting well-toned legs in an easy way. Trust me if you regularly perform this exercise, you will notice big difference in the shape of your legs within a week.





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