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......How to Get Rid of Diabetes?......

Many people suffer from diabetes and some may not even know if they have diabetes as the symptoms are very few. Walking, strength training, and aerobics can help in eradicating diabetes. Regular exercise helps in reducing blood sugar levels and brings it back to normal.

Type 2 diabetes is seen mostly in obese people due to their overweight and lack of exercise. Burning of calories can help prevent diabetes. Calories can be burnt by walking or running for 20 minutes every day. The glucose in blood is used and then the body starts to use the energy stored in fat. Walking at a faster rate is recommended in order to help prevent diabetes. Fibre foods must be included in diet and food containing excess calories must be avoided. Foods with high sugar content like cakes, cookies, ice cream, sweets etc should not be consumed.

For a diabetic person it is recommended to break down 3 meals a day into smaller meals. Diabetic person needs to eat highly nutritious food containing adequate amount of vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables, low sugar fruit, and low glycemic carbohydrate of good quality can be consumed. Protein intake can be obtained from protein from fish, lean chicken, and lean turkey. An adequate gap between two strength training exercises twice a week will fetch good results. It improves in glucose metabolism. Reducing fat content in body and performing regular exercise is the main key to get rid of diabetes.

Junk foods should be completely avoided by diabetic patients. Diabetes needs to be controlled as it can lead to many other diseases like heart disease, kidney failure, gum diseases, blindness etc. Controlling diabetes is simple and easy provided the precautionary measures are taken. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water can reduce blood sugar levels.




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