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......How Power Yoga helps in Weight Loss?......

Yoga is one of the best ways that helps in gaining great mental and physical health. Power yoga helps in weight loss, calm mind, energizes you and makes you look good.

Number of celebrities like Richard Gere, Kareena Kapoor, Madonna are opting power yoga as it involves intense exercises.
Anyone can learn simple and effective power yoga moves and strengthen their body and get into shape. In power yoga, breathe out slowly and move forward in leaping motion.

Another exercise you can perform is by slowly lowering body into a less intense push-up movement. Keep your feets little off the ground and arms straight. Raise your upper body in order of your chest and do not disturb your lower portion. Stay in same position for few minutes and then exhale.

Power yoga technique known as dancing facing dog can be performed by curling your toes and arching your back. Keep your faces pointing inwards towards your stomach while deeply inhaling and exhaling. This exercise wonderfully helps in weight loss.

You would be glad to read that that pigeon power yoga too helps in achieving good body structure while keeping weight in controlled levels. Even inverted pigeon power yoga exercise helps in getting tremendous benefits in form of weight loss, good body shape etc.

Breathing exercises and different asanas which forms an important part of power yoga concentrates on fat reduction and helps in cleansing body from internally which is very important for weight reduction.

If you combine yoga with healthy diet comprising of green leafy veggies, colorful fruits, fresh juices, you can gain much better results. Avoid intake of greasy and fried food items in diet whenever you involved into power yoga and only indulge into good eating habits for achieving maximum results from your workout session.





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