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......Health Benefits of Running......

Running is a very effective and easy exercise which can be done by anybody and everybody. Running involves lots of benefits. Many people suffer from insomnia (those who do not get sleep), but running is the solution. It provides improved sleeping habits. It helps in production of certain hormones that make us feel better mentally. Thus it is a good healer for those upset mentally.

Running helps in reducing stress and boosts the confidence level of a person. It helps fight against depression, anger, fear and any kind of frustrations. It slows down the aging process thus providing a young appearance. It helps in maintaining strong bones and toned muscles ensuring a good figure. It also helps in preventing heart diseases and lowers blood pressure.

Running prolongs life span of a person and also provides a strong and healthy life. Heart muscles grow stronger as the heart has to work more while running. This helps in pumping more blood with each beat. It also prevents blood clots in arteries and veins and makes them more elastic. It reduces the risk of diabetes that obese people get.

Running regularly everyday help prevent cancer relating to breast, uterine, and bowel. Running is known to burn extra calories and makes the person slim and healthy. It helps in reducing weight in spite of following a normal diet. It strengthens the bones present in lower body. As extra energy is needed while running, it helps in increasing the bone mass. Many people are driven by the fact that running increases appetite, but it does not. In fact running acts a appetite suppressant. Carbohydrates such as pastas and potatoes are a must for runners as it contains glycogen that provides energy to runners. Running is thus proved to be very beneficiary to the whole body.




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