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......Which are the foods that Fights Fatigue?......

Many people suffer from fatigue due to over work pressure. It is therefore necessary to fight fatigue to satisfy our needs in this busy world. There are certain foods that fight fatigue.

Yoghurt fights fatigue efficiently. It acts as an energy booster. The contained natural sugars energise the body. The energy lasts long due to the protein content in yoghurt. Cold yoghurt helps in eradicating drowsiness. Yoghurt contains pro-biotic bacteria which prove to be beneficial to the digestive system.

Another food item that fights fatigue is oatmeal. Oatmeal can be consumed along with water or milk and it provides a boost of energy. It is a combination of carbohydrates and fibre and thus keeps the body active for a longer period. Minerals like magnesium and phosphorus, present in oatmeal helps fight fatigue.
One major reason for fatigue is dehydration. Inadequate intake of water can lead to dizziness. Cool water can be drunk as it activates the body parts. Fatigue often results in loss of salt and thus salt or lime can be added to water. Citrus fruits provide energy to the body. Foods containing Vitamin C, vitamin A and B1 are also good in fighting fatigue.

Foods containing omega 3 fats like walnuts, almonds, raisins etc are also useful. Flax seeds or sunflower seeds can be added for better results. These fats are used quickly and boosts up the energy level. It also contains natural sugars that keep one active throughout the day.

Iron is one major ingredient that plays an important role in fighting fatigue. Iron deficiency leads to mental and muscle fatigue. Foods rich in iron can be consumed regularly. It not only gives energy but also strengthens the immune system. Iron ensures good circulation which in turn provides adequate and fresh oxygen to all parts of the body.



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