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......Fitness Tips for office goers......

We spent approximately 6-8 hours in office on daily basis. But many of us do not know that office is a big hub of wrong eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. But worry not! Check the list of fitness tips which are written below especially meant for office goers!

Always keep in mind that breakfast is an important meal of the day and it should not be skipped for any reason. Lack of adequate breakfast causes hunger pangs and forces you to eat unhealthy food items from your office canteens. Avoid fried and greasy food items in breakfast; rather go in for juices, salads, fresh fruits, scrambled eggs, peanut toasts.

Be easy with your coffee machines during office hours. It is important to limit your coffee intake to just 2 cups a day. After every cup of coffee, donít forget to drink 2 glasses of water to replenish body system.

Replace normal water with lukewarm water as warm water helps in flushing out of toxins which otherwise can lead to pains, aches and headaches. Warm water also aids in digestive system. Also it keeps gastro and colon related ailments at bay. Warm water keeps skin hydrated thus preventing skin disorders like eczema, wrinkles, psoriasis to occur.

All the office goers should carry home food because it is infection free and totally hygienic. Canteen or restaurant food lacks important nutrients which are necessary for healthy functioning of body systems. Also such eatables are not prepared hygienically.

For snacking during office hours, instead of gorging on chips, pakoras indulge into fresh fruits like banana, oranges, guava etc. Look for roasted snacks instead of fried food items like chana and whole grain crackers. You can keep unsalted walnuts, peanuts, almonds or unsweetened figs in your office drawers too and eat whenever hunger pangs attacks you!





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