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......Best Weight Loss Yoga......

Are you struggling hard to lose extra pounds from your body? Have you tried everything but failed o lose body weight significantly? Then fret not! You all would be glad to read that yoga indeed helps in losing weight. Yoga not only helps in burning calories from body by exercising but also calms down mind in great way.

It has been proved that yoga is physically effective way to lose weight in a healthy way through its different poses which are known as asanas. These asanas wonderfully increases the body’s metabolism in a great way. The twist and turns of yoga postures helps in breaking down the body fat.

Moreover the different asanas of yoga helps in strengthening muscles which aids in body’s metabolism. Scientific studies have proved that yoga provides relaxation to mind which further helps in lowering down blood pressure and other stress related ailments. Obesity caused due to poor lifestyle, overeating and unhealthy eating habits can also get rectified by practicing yoga.

These days power yoga is gaining good popularity. It focuses mainly on breathing movements. Power yoga lures people who want to do yoga to gain physical fitness rather than spiritual quest.

People who wants to quickly lose weight can go for ashtanga yoga which is little intense but requires good time to master in its poses. This type of yoga includes different positions in chronological order with rhythms. In this yoga, the heart beats remains in constant range which helps in burning of fats in body.

Another form of yoga that helps in losing weight is “hot yoga” which is manifested in closed room with a temperature of 95 to 100 degree F. It is also called as bikram yoga and has 26 series of positions which involves stretching of body in an intense manner which helps in weight lose.




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