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......Best Indoor Workouts......

Weather blues do affect your workout sessions. So why not indulge into indoor workouts especially during monsoon when itís pouring cats and dogs everywhere! It is true that it would be hard to move out for gym to exercise for keeping your weight under control. Check out best indoor workouts written below in the article, which if you include in your lifestyle would definitely help in getting healthy brain, mind and body in an easy way!

Leg rotations and bridge:
Sit on couch and extend your legs. Now rotate them in clockwise and anticlockwise manner 10-12 times respectively. Leg rotations provide you toned legs.

Lie on your back and bent knees pointing upwards. Slowly raise hips and hold position for 10 seconds. Now return back to original position. You would be glad to read that bridge pose provides you toned abs.

You can indulge into aerobics by playing your favorite aerobic CD. Trust me an intense session of aerobics on daily basis gives you great body shape by cutting down all the fat from your body. You can make your workout a fun affair by asking your friends to join.

Polymeric workouts:
For toning down your lower body part, involve yourself into polymetric exercises. These exercises if perform on regular basis helps in providing strength for any sport which involves jumping and sprinting such as basketball and football. You can try jumps to box, hurdle jumping and lateral box push offs. In jump to box, you jump on and off box with both your feet. In hurdle jumping, you jump to and fro over the box. You can perform it sideways also.

So donít waste time in thinking anymore! Just start performing the above written indoor workouts and enjoy good health and long life in an easy way!




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