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......Best Exercises for full body workouts......

In full body workout, we perform different exercises using abs, back muscles, arms and legs. Multiple body parts are exercised during full body workout sessions. You would be glad to read that full body workouts helps in building strength, stamina, lean muscles and in losing weight in healthy way. Some of the best exercises for full body workouts are mentioned below-have a look!

Squats are great way to achieve toned torso, legs and thighs. Stand straight keeping your legs width apart. Go down from hips. You can use dumbbells or barbells on your shoulders.

Deadlifts should be important part of your workouts but should be performed once in a week only. In this, stand straight. Bend down and pick barbell without rounding back. Push hips slightly back, keeping knees soft. This exercise is good for legs, back, core, sides, thighs and glutes.

Performing pushups helps in getting great upper body part. It tones down arms, biceps, triceps and chest part. Do perform pushups regularly in your full body workout to achieve great health.

Pull-ups are one of the best workouts for your entire body. Do put a pull up bar at home. Pull your whole body with it. Start with 1 pull-up and then increase.

Performing plank also helps in full body workout. Lie down in pushup position, keeping arms and toes at shoulders width. Keep body in straight line and stay in same 45 seconds. Repeat this exercise couple of times to get benefits of full body workouts.

So what are you thinking now? Do perform these amazing exercises for full body workouts to get lean structure and good body shape in an easy way. You can perform these exercises either in the morning timings or in the evening timings.





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