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......Benefits of Push Up Exercises......

Push up exercises is very simple and effective. It makes use of body weight and does not need any artificial equipment. It is a very fast way of getting a healthy and fit body. It works the body parts like your chest, hands, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, traps, upper back, lower back, abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calf and feet. It builds the heart muscles and makes it strong.

It relaxes the mind and keeps it clear, thus providing mental fitness. Push up exercises can be done anywhere and anytime. It proves to be very flexible. The main advantage is that the body gets strong without spending a penny. The body looks aesthetically appealing when practiced regularly. It involves the working of chest muscles. The rate of making the muscle strong depends on how long you can stay in that position.

Push up exercises help in reducing weight and provides a slim body. They also help in toning the shoulders. Consistent working alone proves effective. Once done regularly it can show drastic improvements in body shape. With the help of push up exercises, the pectoral muscles get strong which helps in performing activities like martial arts, or sports like baseball, football, and track and field events. Even wall pushups are beneficiary. Pushups are a natural form of exercise in which the self weight of the body is made use of.

Pushup exercises build the chest and remove the fat around the chest area. It makes the body look manly. The body modifies itself to be able to carry more weight and perform many activities. It accelerates the muscle growth depending on the time spent on pushups every day.

Pushups should be made a part of daily routine in order to keep the body fit and healthy.




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