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......Benefits of Chest Exercises......

Chest workouts are very useful as it helps to build one’s chest by making it strong and broad. It increases the power of pushing heavy objects. It prevents shoulder injuries when done regularly. The chest becomes aesthetically appealing as it widens the chest. The three types of chest exercises are bench press, incline press and decline press. These exercises work the upper, lower and middle pectoral regions respectively. It is recommended not to over work one particular exercise as it causes to muscle to stress.

All types of chest exercises are to be done in each session to gain benefit. Push ups are very simple and easy to do. They work both chest and arm muscles ensuring body flexibility and stability. Chest exercises must be done regularly as one may become fat once the exercises are stopped.

Chest exercises like the hip, planche and elevated wall press ups help to build strength for gymnastics, parkour and other activities that require immense strength. The sports which demand high speed, explosive press ups like clapping, Muay Thai and Aztec press ups can be done.

Chest exercises help in removing the fat around the chest area. It also helps eradicating problems like man boobs. Once the fat is reduced chest exercises become easier and helps preventing injuries. Chest exercises help in muscle toning and increases muscle mass. In order to receive full benefits, dedication to exercise and proper diet must be followed.

Bodyweight exercises are safer when compared to using weights as it makes us of the body’s self weight. It forms a natural way of exercising without any artificial means. Body weight exercises widen the cheat and make it strong and good looking. The main advantage in bodyweight exercise is it doesn’t require any equipment and thus can be done anytime and anywhere.




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