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Thapar University MCA admission Test 2017



Thapar University MCA Entrance Exam 2017-2018

Thapar University TIET Patiala MCA Admission Test 2017

Thapar University organizes the admission test for the MCA course every year. The MCA program suitably sponsored by the UGC aims of producing the human resources for the software industry like increasing the applications of the computers in nearly all the areas of the human effort has led to the animated industry having concomitant rapid change in the technology. The students having MCA degree are fascinated like solution developers, software professionals, or system analysts in the most reputed national as well as multi-national companies with other industrial or service organizations, who work in field of the information technology. The programme is extended over the three-year period for consisting six semesters.

The main objective of programme is providing the opportunity for those students that desire to upgrade the studies or knowledge using the distance education and for those that are working in the organization. The main force in programme can be to clean professional aptitude for students via lectures and experts in the respective fields.

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelorís degree from any recognized University having minimum 3 years of duration within any discipline having Mathematics at 10+2 level and has qualified in Entrance Test organized by University


Bachelorís degree in any discipline having Mathematics as one subject and has qualified for Entrance Test, conducted by University.

Thapar University MCA Admission Procedure
For detailed admission procedure, please contact the University or visit the University website.

The programme has three years period with six semesters. The students need to study five semesters in University and then do the SDP (Software Development Project) in sixth semester in any reputed industry.

Contact Details

The applicants may contact at the University address in case of any query.

Thapar University,
P.O Box 32, Patiala,
Pin -147004
Telegram: Thaparinst
Email : registrar@thapar.edu
Website: www.thapar.edu



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