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Durga Puja Celebrations


2017 Durga Puja in USA

Durga Puja is amongst the most important festivals of India and itís also celebrated overseas. Durga Puja is celebrated in USA also in very conventional manner. All the Bengali communities get together to rejoice the festival of Durga Puja.

There are many Bengali associations which conduct these festivals to all the Bengali people who are living in the USA. There is nothing new in the arrangements when it is celebrated in the USA. The only difference is that, there are many USA residents who also participate in these occasions. They too, dress up in traditional Bengali dresses to attend the Durga Puja.

There is one place in the USA named ĎBay Areaí where, in the past; there was not much interest for Durga Puja celebration, however later on when the residents of Bengali community kept rising, Durga Puja festival celebration began to peaking up. At the same time as the families of Bengali community are growing, the festival of Durga Puja is also growing.

Place like Baybasi, situated in Foster City in California, is also one place where Durga Puja celebration is increasing. Other places in USA where Durga Puja is organized are San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Florida, California, Houstan, Richmond, Virginia, Atlanta and some places where Hindu population have migrated.

Durga Puja in the USA has seen massive crowd and itís becoming more and more accepted because the Hindu populations are migrating on huge basis. So itís enormous to observe that the USA public is having more involved in this festival.

Durga Puja Pandals in the Unites States of America

There are many organizations which organize Durga Puja. Some of them are:

Bengali Association of Delaware Valley (BADV)
Delaware, Washington DC Area
Official Website: www.badv.us

Udayani Cultural Club
Stamford, CT
Official Website: www.stamforddurgapuja.com

Bengali Association of Southern Florida (BASFL)
Davie, FL, Florida
Official Website: www.basfl.org

Soikot Bengali Association of Greater Tampa
Tampa, Florida
Official Website: www.soikot.org

Atlanta, Georgia, Marietta, GA
Website www.pujari.org

Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta (BAGA)
Atlanta, GA
Website www.pujari.org

Atlanta Bengali Forum (ABF)
Duluth, GA, Atlanta

Georgia, Alpharetta
Official Website: www.purbasha.org

Bengali Association of Greater Chicago (BAGC)
Illinois, Chicago
Official Website: www.bagc.net

Bengalis in Chicago
Halsted Street, Chicago
Official Website: www.bicgroup.net

Suchona Bengalees in Iowa, Illinois
Iowa City, Illinois, IA
Official Website: www.suchona.org

Baton Rouge Bengali Association (BRBLA)
Baton Rouge LA
Official Website: www.brbla.org

Bengalees of New England (BNE)
Winchester, MA, Massachusetts
Official Website: www.b-ne.org

Prabasi of New England
Schofield Drive, MA, Massachusetts
Official Website: www.prabasione.org

Vedanta Society of Western Washington
Broadway East Seattle, Washington, WA
Official Website: www.vedanta-seattle.org

Bengali Community of Greater Washington Metro area
Washington DC area
Official Website: www.sanskriti-dc.org

Bengali Association of Madison (BAM)
WI, Wisconsin, Madison
Official Website: www.bamadison.com

Bloomfield Hills,
Michigan, MI, Detroit
Official Website: www.bichitra.org

Durga Bari of Boston
Massachusetts, Quincy, MA
Official Website: www.bostondurgabari.com

Swajan of Great Lakes
Canton, Detroit, Michigan, MI
Official Website: www.swajan-mi.org

Bengali Association of Minnesota (BAM)
Minnesota, Carver, MN
Official Website: www.mnbangali.org

Bengali Association of Nebraska (BANE)
Nebraska, Omaha
Official Website: www.baneonline.org

Somerset, New Jersey, NJ
Official Website: www.kallol.us

Garden State Puja Committee (GSPC)
Bayonne, NJ
Website www.gardenstatepuja.org

Indian Community Center of Garden State (ICC GS)
Succasunna, New Jersey, NJ
Website www.icc-gs.org

Garden State Cultural Association (GSCA)
New Jersey, Plainfield
Official Website: www.gsca.us

New York, Albany, NY
Official Website: www.utsab.org

Bengali Association of Greater Birmingham (BAGB)
Hoover, AL
Official Website: www.bagb.net

Bengali Association of Dallas Fort Worth (BA-DFW)
Texas, Dallas, TX
Official Website: www.badfw.org

ANTORIK Bengali Organization of Greater Dallas
Texas, Dallas, TX
Official Website: www.antorik.com

Houston Durgabari Society
Houston, Texas, TX
Official Website: www.durgabari.org

Greater Richmond Bengali Association (GRBA)
VA, Virginia, Richmond
Official Website: www.grbaonline.org

Northern Virginia Bengali Association (NOVABA)
Virginia VA
Official Website: www.novaba.com

Uttoron Bengal Community of Greater Seattle
Washington, Seattle
Official Website: www.uttoron.org

Bengali Cultural Association of Arizona (BCAA)
Phoenix, AZ
Official Website: www.azbengal.org

San Jose, California, CA
Official Website: www.sanskriti.org

San Francisco, San Jose, CA
Official Website: www.prabasi.org

San Francisco,California, CA
Official Website: www.pashchimi.org

Foster City, CA
Official Website: www.baybasi.org

Gold River, CA
Official Website: www.utsavsac.org

Sacramento, CA
Official Website: www.saikat.org

Vedanta Temple
California, Santa Barbara
Website www.vedanta.org

Bengali Association of Southern California (BASC)
Irvine, California, CA
Official Website: www.bascweb.org

Torrance, California, CA
Official Website: www.dakshini.org

Bengali Cultural Association of Greater Buffalo
Buffalo, New York, NY
Official Website: www.buffalosanskriti.org

Bengali Community of Greater Binghamton
New York, Binghamton, NY
Official Website: www.binghamtonpuja.org

Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center
New York, NY
Official Website: www.ramakrishna.org

Bengali Association of North Carolina (BANC)
North Carolina, Raleigh
Official Website: www.banc-online.org

Cincinnati Cultural Initiative (CCI)
Ohio, Cincinnati
Official Website: cciorg.com

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Official Website: pragati.org

Bengali Association of Pittsburgh (BAP)
Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Official Website: www.bengali-pitt.org/bap/

For more information please visit www.protibeshi.com

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