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Durga Puja Celebrations


2017 Durga Puja in Siliguri

The Durga Puja is celebrated in Siliguri in probably the most emphatic way after Bengal. There are so many special pujas organized here every year. Letís take a quick look at some of them.

Bon Durga Puja
In this Durga Puja, the Goddess Durga has different image; settled on lion, she holds a baby in one hand with a stick in the other hand. This puja is a mark of mutual harmony. Anybody who wants to present prayers has to obtain his/her name enrolled with the committee.

Around 3000 conventional hand fans make the lovely artwork which adorns interiors of Hakimpura pandal in Siliguri. It has been formed on Russian church. Itís organized by Upkar Athletic Club every year.

Mitra Sammelani Puja
You should not miss the combo of the splendor of Daker Saaj and the fascinating Dhunuchi Naach which is mingle of ethnicity and tradition at Sarad Utsav, which is perhaps amongst the oldest pujas of Siliguri. Mitra Sammelani is organizing this puja since 1927.

Shaktigarh Ujjwal Sangha Puja
The pandal of Ujjwal Sangha in Siliguri imitates Cooch Behar Maharajaís magnificent palace. The palace attracts tourists from around the world. The additional funds send to four schools of Siliguri, which educate students of low-income families.

Sukantanagar Sporting Union Club Puja
The organizers try to spread awareness regarding fast-withdrawing Chang ancestral community from Tuensang district in Nagaland through this puja. The pandal, which looks like a morong, (a community hall which can be marked in each Chang village) has been intended and made by tribal craftsmen. For visiting Nagas, the agonizing sound of dhaks, unpardonable power levels of revelers and exclusive show of friendship is an incredible experience.

Swastika Yuvak Sangha Puja
If you are searching for pandal where you may find peace with your child, visit this place. Mowgli, Mickey, Donald, and other cartoon characters are available in Disney Land of Siliguri. Itís the territory of cartoons, where every possible cartoon character, from Tom & Jerry to Pokemons, is designed and tinted by famous artistes from Siliguri.

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